Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides

Not sure I can come up with enough compliments -- the best book I read in 2005. Another eyeball-knocker-outer. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Tells the story of 3 generations of fucked-up Greeks from the motherland to Detroit. Fantastic upper-middle-class-in-the-70's (except that it could be 80's, I guess) storyline. A child raised as a girl has hermaphroditic gonads and chooses to live adult life as a man. The only weak section is the short interlude in San Francisco (which feels very Mary Gaitskill). This book broke my heart over and over. Summation: really almost every page is great. Caveat: don't read if pregnant (I gave this to a friend who tried that and was convinced her child would be born a hermaphrodite. The child is normal.).


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