Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Elizabeth Costello, JM Coetzee

I didn't like this book, and it was my first taste of Coetzee (which I hear is pronounced cut-ZAY-uh, but would appreciate being corrected if I'm wrong; I dislike not being able to speak intelligibly about authors I've read). Tiresome and talky/preachy, in fact. It explained a lot when I saw that most of the main character's speeches (reproduced at great length in the book) were actually the author's words, delivered at actual speeches on various occasions. Couple of tasties: Satan's leathery wing "as sure as soap"; "this dumb faithful body that has accompanied her every step of the way, this shadow turned to flesh that stands on two feet like a bear and laves itself continually from the inside with blood." That's good. Summation: not dumber for having read it, but eh.


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